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Honoring all Veterans & Those Fighting Other Battles. When we meet a Veteran, we always shake their hand, tell them Thank You & give them a Bracelet as a small token of our appreciation. Below are some of the fantastic Veterans we've had the honor to meet & give bracelets to. Not all are pictured. Wall is a work in progress. More coming soon.

Harold W. Ramey - 07-03-40 ~ 11-24-20 It is with tremendous sadness I share the loss of my Father. He fought a hard battle with Small Cell Stage 4 Lung Cancer but the Lord was ready for him to come home. Rest in Peace my sweet Daddy. We miss you so much but you left a huge legacy in this family not many could fill and one that will forever remain in our hearts. We love you so much. Fly high with the Angels and I know you're already watching over us all.

To all our Men and Women in Uniform, Past, Present and Future, God Bless You and Keep You Safe. Most of all, Thank You.

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I met Mr. Nelson in Golden Coral, thanked him for his service, shook his hand and gave him one of our Navy Paracord Bracelets. A great Honor to meet this gentleman.

I own Gramma's Hut and I battle 3 Auto Immune diseases daily, including Rheumatoid Arthritis. I'm not a quitter though and I'll continue hand crafting until my hands no longer work.

Mr. John Kinsel, Sr. One of the last Navajo Code Talkers. While visiting Albuquerque, NM, my grand children and myself had the absolute honor of meeting Mr. Kinsel. What a sweet man! He told the grand children a few stories in part Navajo part English which made for a very interesting, exciting and joyful experience for us all.

My beautiful Mother. She beat the crap out of Breast Cancer, several stent placements in her heart and finally a triple bypass! She's 79 and still going strong!

My Daughter and Grand Daughters. So Proud!

My baby sister Marie. At just 40 she learned she has Rheumatoid Arthritis and battles it every day. We are strong women and will continue fighting.

BigBear Photography - Awesome photographer and Nathaniel has become a very good friend of ours.

We met this sweet gentleman in Santa Fe, NM. He's an Army/Vietnam veteran so we gave him a bracelet. We also gave him a bracelet for his Grandson who served in Afghanistan and another for his Vietnam Veteran buddy.

Uschi battled breast cancer and beat it! Way to go girl! She is a beautiful person and we are Blessed to have met her.

Our grandson and a Vet he met, gave a bracelet to and took his own picture with. He lives in another state but appreciates all Vets just as we do. So proud of him!

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